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Shantique Designs is the love child of 2 Australian sisters; Jordana and Reihane, who are currently living on (and missing each other from...) opposite sides of the globe;  my sister back home in Australia, around an hour inland from the iconic Byron Bay, and me, following my heart and those forever calling distant lands, and chasing love around the globe to the sandy Middle East.
(oh, what a romantic...)

From sterling silver rings handmade in the homes of talented Balinese metal smiths with each letter banged out by hand, to brass bowls picked up from the bustling markets of Rajasthan, India , we've brought together a beautiful array of specially curated pieces that we hope you absolutely love. Each piece is sourced and/or made by hand and we take care to sell only high quality items that you wont find just anywhere on the web.

Shantique was born in 2014 and has since been an ever evolving and changing curation of beautiful things we've collected, designed, discovered and sought out along the way, from so many places around the world, so many journeys walked and wandered, and each of them with its own unique story and tale to tell.

Our focus is largely on handcrafted treasures and we are committed to using recycled and/or recyclable packaging wherever possible. We reuse the bulk of all our packaging materials involved in getting our items to us, which greatly reduces the environmental impact of our business. We opt for sustainable office practices and am always trying to refine things even more. 

We would love to reduce our carbon footprint even more and am always seeking ways to better ourselves and our business. 

Thankyou for being here.

Its been quite the ride.... ;)